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Locomotor Recovery Laboratory: Current Projects

We currently have multiple projects in progress but have not listed this website as a possible recruitment tool through Northwestern’s Investigational Review Board.

Not Recruiting Anymore

Impact of altered reflex pathways on different muscle contraction types in SCI STU00072200
Molecular markers of neuroplasticity in humans with incomplete spinal cord injury STU0056144
Improving the delivery of intensive gait training in the clinical setting to augment community ambulation STU00010421
Maps Project STU00032011
Monaminergic modulation of motor function in subacute incomplete SCI STU00056589
Development of Low Cost Devices to Increase Access to Treadmill Training- STU00013649
Mechanisms for recovery STU00014156
Cellular Mechanisms of Hyperexcitability in Human Spinal Cord Injury STU00009724
Enhanced Motor Recovery Using Serotonergic Agents in Stroke STU00014257
Gait Abnormalities in Individuals With Stroke: Implications to Rehabilitation STU00018897
Gait Restoration in Hemiparetic Stroke Patients Using Goal-Directed, Robotic, Assisted Treadmill Training 1250-001
Physical and Pharmacological Effects on Movement in SCI 1250-005
Use of Evidence-Based Locomotor Intervention in Individuals with Stroke STU00022225
Serotonergic Modulation of Motor Function in Subacute and Chronic SCI STU00014259
Mechanisms of volitional force-generating capability in incomplete SCI STU00018663
Potential central and reflex contribuitions on augmented volitional torque. STU00004789

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