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Economics of Movement Group: Publications

Peer Reviewed Papers

In Press


Howard IS, Ingram JN, Kording KP, Wolpert DM (2009) Statistics of natural movements are reflected in motor errors. J Neurophysiol 102:1902-1910.

Stevenson, IH, Rebesco, JM, Miller, LE and Kording, KP (2009) Inferring the functional connections between neurons, Current opinion in neurobiology, 18: 582-588

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Dam, G. and Kording, KP, (2009) Exploration and exploitation in movement learning, Cognitive Science, 33 (3), 530-541


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Kording KP (2007) Decision theory: what should the nervous system do? , Review, science free pdf on publishers site

Kording, KP, Beierholm, U., Ma, W., Quartz, S., Tenenbaum, J., Shams, L., (2007) Causal Inference in Cue Combination, PLOSOne 2(9): e943. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000943[pdf]

Kouml;rding KP, Tenenbaum JB, and Shadmehr R (2007) The dynamics of memory as a consequence of optimal adaptation to a changing body. Nature Neuroscience, 10:779-786 pdf of presubmission paper [News in spanish][News in portugese][News] Link to publishers page


Kording, K., Tenenbaum, J. B., and Shadmehr, R. Multiple timescales and uncertainty in motor adaptation. (in press, 2006). Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19.

Kording, K. and Tenenbaum, J. B. Causal inference in sensorimotor integration. (2006). Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 19. [pdf]

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Körding, KP. and Wolpert, D. (2004) The loss function of sensorimotor learning, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101:9839-42 [pdf]

Körding, KP. and Wolpert, D. (2004) Bayesian Integration in Sensorimotor Learning, Nature 427:244-247 [pdf]

[New York times, News]

Körding, KP, Kayser, C., Einhäuser, W. and König,P., How are complex cell properties adapted to the statistics of natural scenes? Journal of Neurophysiology 91(1):206-212[pdf]

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Körding, K.P. and König, P., (2000) Two sites of synaptic integration: Relevant for learning (International Joint Conference on Neural Networks ) [pdf]

Körding, K.P. and König,P.,(2000) A learning rule for local decorrelation and dynamic recruitement (Neural Networks 13:1-9) [pdf]

Siegel,M. Körding,K.P. and König, P. (2000) Integrating top-down and bottom-up sensory processing by somato-dendritic interatctions (J. Comp. Neurosci 8:161-173)[pdf]

Konrad P. Körding and Peter König, (2000) Learning with two sites of synaptic integration (Network: Computation in Neural Systems 11:25-39) [pdf]

Book Chapters

A good number.


Radioplay 45 min in German Language. "Reparatur". Christine Abbt, Doris Agotai, Jeanette Behringer, Silvia Berger, Konrad Paul Körding, Celina Ramjoue, Kaspar Schatzmann, Jair Stern. Played at the "end-of-term" celebration of the Collegium Helveticum. Part of the year-book. Sent on radio LORA Munich on June 20th 2003 along with a live interview.

Chapter for the OCNC School

Chapter for Novartis jointly with Daniel Wolpert

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